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Plaza House welcomes its 70th Anniversary.
All thanks to those who have supported us.
In these pages, we express our gratitude.
With our friends by our side,
We take our first step as the beacon of well-being.
Every day is a journey.

Every day is a journey.

Every moment, every day, every season, every century.
Our love for our families, friends and so many more,
Our memories shared, through laughter and tears, Mind, body, and spirit in harmony with one another,
Our well-being, the greatest gift we give.
To be the bridge between Okinawa and the world,
Hand in hand we step forth into the future,
A brand-new era, our lifespans a century of joy.

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Seventy years ago, a small island in the south of Japan was at the forefront of fashion.

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Tone and Manner; Three of a kind

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Finding yourself at a crossroads

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A Culinary Journey around the World

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Okinawa and Bali, where appreciating the bounties of the earth are a lifestyle

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Every day is a journey for the people of Plaza House

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6 credo


1.To live in love, among family and friends


2.To lead one’s mind, body and spirit into a state of harmony


3.To create joy in every moment and season


4.To rise to the challenge, in the spirit of adventure


5.To culture a connection between Okinawa and the world


6.To respect one another’s identities