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In Harmony with Nature

In Harmony with Nature



The French Island of Corsica, located to the west of Italy, is a paradise of unique flora and is also known as the ‘Isle of Beauty’.
A new partner to Plaza House, NUCCA is a skincare brand created by Hélène and her sister Lise, owners of the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa. 
Born and raised in Corsica, their senses have been sharpened by living in the great outdoors.


NUCCA skincare has been developed in collaboration with the International Institute of Scientific Aromatherapy (ISA). Natural, plant-based cosmetics made from herbs native to Corsica and the South of France. NUCCA is only available worldwide through the Cala Rossa Group in Corsica, France, and at the Terrace Hotels Group and Roger’s in Okinawa, Japan.

Natural skincare infused with the herbs of Corsica, the Isle of Beauty

Made from natural raw materials that are harvested every year, NUCCA products, like wine, take on a different character depending on the terroir of the year. The sisters have been connoisseurs of Corsica’s wild herbs and soils since childhood, so they knew that flavors and textures would vary from year to year. There are many fragrant herbs in Corsica, but only those that have a beneficial effect on the body and soul are selected.

We were fortunate to welcome Hélène to Plaza House for NUCCA’s launch. She shared with us the delights of life in Corsica and the origin of NUCCA.

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Beauty radiates from the ground

My sister Lise and I were born and raised in Corsica. Swimming in the sea in the morning and visiting their grandparents up in the maquis (Corsican mountains), we grew up with the majesty of Corsica’s nature. The scent of the wild herbs, their texture, even the taste of the Corsican dirt, were all part of our upbringing which sharpened our senses.

In the gardens of the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa, our family hotel, we grew up eating organic, freshly grown vegetables and herbs around the family dinner table.

Although it was an obvious choice for us to share the extraordinary richness of the island’s flora, it was our encounter with an aromatherapy enthusiast that enabled NUCCA to take its first steps. Founder of the first natural cosmetology laboratory in Provence 25 years ago and also a lover of Corsica, this specialist was impressed by the idea of uniting the diverse and powerful virtues of the maquis with some of the most prestigious ingredients from other parts of the world.

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NUCCA Conceived

8 years ago, when we first got started on NUCCA, we wanted to test whether our friend’s organic laboratory really was the best. So, we asked three laboratories, including our friend’s, to produce 40 separate types of samples. For 6 months we conducted blind tests, not knowing who produced which samples. 

In every one of the 40 types of samples, we unknowingly chose our friend’s products. We simply chose what we thought were the best and most effective, which all turned out to be from the organic cosmetology laboratory. 

NUCCA skin care is very flexible and effective. Although a single drop is enough, you can use several different types like my sister Lise. It’s really up to you.
We are also very proud of our packaging which are designed to maintain top quality and prevent contamination.

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In Harmony with Nature 4

Okinawa and Corsica: Familiar sights

Okinawa very much reminds me of Corsica. 
Blessed by nature, both our islands enjoy beautiful seas.

The Corsican language was banned during my grandmother’s era, and so even though my parents could speak the language, we were raised in French only at home. About 15 years ago, Corsican-language classes returned to schools, and we gained back a big part of our identity. 

Another common point between our two islands is that we respect our elders and family is the most important part of our lives. I have heard that people in Okinawa believe that the gods and spirits live beyond the sea.

In Corsica, we believe in a type of old woman, dressed in black clothes who can tell the future and brew remedies using herbs and plants.
These beliefs and secrets are passed down through oral tradition, underpinning the idea that we must all respect nature and the environment.

What we value most

At NUCCA, amitié (friendship) and Coeurs de femmes (femininity) are very important. Our brand is where it is today thanks to Corsica, our family, our friends and so many others who have been by our side. It’s very important for us to keep our spirit of compassion and gratitude.

Every time I visit Okinawa, I am so sad to leave. It must be a sign of our amitié (friendship).
A presto! (See you soon!)

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