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Power of People

Power of People


Every day is a journey for the people of Plaza House

Plaza House is a marketplace, a park, a place to yuntaku (have a chat).
Come on over and meet our lovely folk.

Hand in hand, from the craftsperson to the customer

Kyoko Taira Floor Manager 1F Roger’s Passage

Kyoko Taira

At Roger’s, we pick out the finest brands and products based on the love, attention, and passion of the craftspeople. I often visit Europe and feel so grateful for the wonderful encounters I have every time. I get to speak with craftspeople and young makers whose families continue to preserve the traditional techniques handed down from their ancestors. I strive to share their passion and dedication to our customers in my own words. In doing so, I hope that they will use our products for a long time and that the products will become precious partners that will accompany them in their memories. I would be happy if I could act as a bridge of happiness between the maker and the customer.

A chat with my customers, the little joys of my day

Hiroka Zaha 1F Roger’s Passage

Hiroka Zaha

I originally worked for a major cosmetics brand within Roger’s, so I had many opportunities to visit sales floors across the country. I learnt that the shops with the best sales numbers aren’t focused on getting the customer to just buy the products; there is also a great connection between the sales staff and the customers. Customers shop for cosmetics, fashion and other items as they walk around the Rogers store, and I feel that the sales staff are very close to repeat customers who have been with the store for two or three generations. In this day and age when you can buy products online, our customers come to have a chat and share their day with us. I strive to be the kind of Roger’s staff who lights up a customer’s day, just by being there to chat and spend time together.

Omotenashi: Catering to diverse tastes

Eriko Uchima Sommelier 1F Roger’s Food Market

Eriko Uchima

At Rogers Food Market, our buyers confidently select unique, painstakingly-crafted products from around the world, some of which you probably won’t find in any other market. I try to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the perfect pairings of such fascinating foods and wines. Some customers take the time to look for products themselves, while others ask me if I have anything special to offer. I would like to find my own way to provide the best service to locals, tourists and newcomers alike, valuing my relationships and connections with each and every one of them.

Okinawa’s deep craftsmanship, in your hands

Ayaka Izena 1F Flagship Okinawa

Ayaka Izena

At Flagship Okinawa, we offer a range of top-quality crafts with an appreciation of Okinawan tradition and Japanese sophistication. The products are not just souvenirs but are a way of offering something that reflects the feelings of both the giver and the recipient. We look at the crafts on display to see if they express their true beauty, how they please people and are valued by them, and what kind of craftspeople are involved in the making of these products. We are very happy when we hear from customers that they can find the best products here. I collect information every day with the desire to respond to customers who come to us with trust and high expectations.

The best ideas ought to be recycled.

Yui Chibana 1F Information Desk

Yui Chibana

I work at the Information Desk, giving information about the premises and handling lottery tickets. Unlike the shops, we don’t really sell products, so what services can I offer here? I asked myself. The answer is simple: “To be useful to the customers”. I take inspiration from all aspects of daily life, from food and clothing, to the very architecture and structure of our dwellings. In the warehouse I found a small shopping bag that used to be used in Plaza House and so I tried putting sold lottery tickets in them. Many customers said, “Oh I remember these from back in the day! I missed them” and “The retro logo is so cute!” I think the best ideas ought to be recycled, so no surprise, I want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I hope we can build a relationship of trust with our customers by continuing to build on our successes.

Take a moment out of your day, spend it among flowers

Maki Heshiki 1F Fleur (Inside Roger’s Hôtel)

Maki Heshiki

At Fleur, inside Rogers Hôtel, we offer a laid-back lifestyle surrounded by plants through our fresh flowers, floral arrangements and gardening accessories. We try to add greenery to the arrangements and design the flowers with warmth and sophistication. Don’t you feel relaxed when you have plants in your life? You can just admire them, or sometimes you can even talk to them. Plants give you raw energy, vitality and calm contentment just by being there. By taking care of them, such as watering them every day and making sure they don’t wither, I feel like I’m talking to them. I think I’m nurturing them, but in fact the plants may be nurturing me.

Working with friends over a hot cup of coffee

Narihito Sueyoshi Owner 2F Humming Coffee

Narihito Sueyoshi

As a coffee shop, I think it is important for us to share information with our customers about what kind of thoughts and ideas the producers have in growing the beans. I hope we tenants can also come up with ideas that customers can enjoy. The Books and More Bazaar, which has been held twice in the past, was an event that was a collaboration between me and Sachi Hatanaka, who runs the Book Parlour Sunabe Bookstore, a bookshop inside a converted 1989 American school bus in Sunabe, Chatan. Ms. Hatanaka contacted several other bookstores, while I oversaw calling out to sweet shops and others. The event was very lively from the very first time, and I felt that books and coffee go hand in hand. I hope we can continue coming up with fun ideas in the future.

Monono mawari (around things): what “context” can teach us

Minori Shimabukuro Manager 2F D&DEPARTMENT OKINAWA by PLAZA 3

Minori Shimabukuro

D&DEPARTMENT has been working on the theme of ‘long-life design’ since its founding 24 years ago. Today, we offer products from the perspective of monono mawari (around things), which means that everything has a context (region, lifestyle, industry, environment, friends, etc.) behind its birth, and learning about it enriches your purchasing experience. The idea of valuing connection with tradition, culture, land and history is also linked to the idea of well-being. I hope we can continue to offer journeys and experiences that only we can provide in order to make our customers feel this sense of well-being.

Enjoy the finest meats, steeped in Okinawa’s great outdoors.

Risa Tamashiro Delicatessen Nuchibuta, Roger’s Food Market Plaza House 1F

Risa Tamashiro

Nuchi means “life” in Okinawan. We named our shop “Nuchibuta” to honor the pigs and boars whose lives we take. I think it’s very important that we treat our livestock with the respect and gratitude they deserve. Our pigs are raised on a large pasture in Kunigami Village, where they roam freely without stress and are carefully fed with non-antibiotic feed. The red meat has a sweet and rich flavor, but the fat is light, with some customers describing it as mellow “like butter”. At Roger’s Food Market, the chef, who has over 40 years of experience in French cuisine, processes and prepares many products that can only be found here, so please come and visit us!

For the busy moms, a slice of tranquility.

Yasunori/Emiko Tanaka LA.LA. STYLE Cafe Plaza House 2F

Yasunori/Emiko Tanaka

When I was working in California, I was amazed at how people were embracing a lifestyle of organic foods, yoga and valuing inner beauty for a healthy life. I felt that this was a deeply important development in society. Currently, on the second floor of Plaza House, we offer products that cater to the five senses – to see, hear, taste, smell and touch – and also tackle social issues such as food loss. We want to support busy mothers who are raising children, and create a space where they can enjoy something for themselves, without breaking the bank. We would be happy if, in talking with us, you could let out the stresses of your daily life, refresh yourself and think, ‘I got this!’ and face the rest of the day with a smile.

A life with green is a life well lived.

Yasuhisa Suzuki Owner Greens for Good Plaza House 2F

Yasuhisa Suzuki

Basking in the sunlight, swaying in the breeze, there is no better place for my shop than here at Plaza House. We usually keep a selection of between 100 to 150 types of plants, with an eye towards the rare and the exciting. Each plant has a unique expression, much like ourselves, and our customers often ask us to help them replant from pot to garden or design the garden itself. If you want to buy a plant but are worried it will wither, worry not! For our customers, we provide all sorts of support and consultation over our official LINE account. Raising house plants is raising happiness. Come on down and find your daily source of joy!

Ponder that film, over a cup of coffee

Kotaku Kokuba Manager Cinema Plaza House 1954 Plaza House 3F

Kotaku Kokuba

Cinema Plaza House, which also has a café, showcases indie films that are seldom shown in large cinemas, as well as films that relate to Koza and Plaza House. In recent years, many of the films have been set in Koza, attracting audiences who do not typically frequent cinemas. We are happy to listen to customers’ requests, and strive to be a cinema that is closely intertwined with the community. When I see people relaxing in the café before or after watching a film, or spending hours discussing their opinions, I feel as if I’m sharing in the anticipation, excitement and afterglow of the film with the customers. Whether or not you plan on seeing a film, we welcome you to enjoy our delicious coffee and sweets.

Serving as a bridge between the Food Market and the dinner table.

Keiichi Yui Chef Roger’s Food Market Plaza House 1F

Keiichi Yui

During my time in the culinary field in Tokyo, I came across Okinawan ingredients and became fascinated by them. As a chef, I strive to be the bridge between Roger’s Food Market and the dining table. For instance, I advise my customers to combine Okinawan vegetables, which have a similar taste to Mediterranean ingredients, with spicy Mediterranean seasonings to create a truly unique dish. Although some products may appear expensive, 
they can often be found in your local area if you know where to look. I take great joy in writing the product recommendations that are displayed around the market. For me, it’s an opportunity to spark one’s imagination; I hope that it inspires our customers to take a step out of their daily routine and try out something new and exciting. With our culinary diversity at the forefront, we aim to build up Plaza House as a new center of food culture in the region.

What well-being means to me

Takao Akamine Roger’s Passage Plaza House 1F

Takao Akamine

I have been running a women’s apparel company for 27 years. During this time, I have come across news stories about customers preferring to shop online and not wanting to interact with salespeople. I wondered “Is this just the times we live in? Or perhaps it’s more a matter of building a lasting relationship with the customers, knowing that they can trust you and the products you are selling.” When it comes to the purpose of my job as a shop owner, I certainly had my doubts over the years. Recently, I’ve come to learn more and more about the concept of well-being; that our happiness is interdependent with our health and our relationships. For me, every day is an opportunity to learn and share, with customers and coworkers alike. The more I look towards building and growing my relationships, the more excited I feel that something new and wonderful is just beyond the horizon!