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~Trim Stretches~
Trim Stretches supervised by a personal trainer of active professional baseball players. Trim Stretches were created in order to enable you to experience the stretches that professional athletes receive.A professional trainer will do stretches with you one-on-one according to your flexibility, fatigue, and body distortions.You just need to lie on a bed, so you can stretch your muscles in a relaxed state and achieve a higher relaxation effect.

The Trim Stretch effect 1) Blood circulation is improved by stretching and contracting muscles and your body is pleasantly warmed up! 2) Your muscles are loosened and your fatigue is gone! 3) Your body becomes more flexible and you achieve correct posture! Give it a try!

~Personal training~
Personal training is recovering and improving the functions humans originally have. – Training according to your individual body level – Improved muscle strength and flexibility – Lower risk of injury

Step 1 – Counseling In counseling, you discuss your sports history, training goals, etc. with the trainer and create a personalized training menu.

Step 2 – Training One-on-one personal training. We provide professional training suited to your goal!

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