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Omaccha Otogoze

Open your heart with matcha,
Admire the arrangements of flowers.


Jun Taira

I have always been passionate about Japanese tea ceremony and art in general. I thought, “If only there was a place in Okinawa where people could experience authentic Japanese etiquette and customs”. So, I opened this shop to serve as a window through which I can share my love of matcha culture across the island.
The tea ceremony is an integral part of Japanese culture that was popularized by Sen no Rikyu, a tea master during the Warring States period. However, it was originally a pastime enjoyed by warlords. The serene moments in the tearoom provided them with comfort amidst their daily rigors and stresses.
The most important function of matcha tea is that it has a calming effect on the mind. First, take a sip. Take your time and feel the change in your feelings. As your mind relaxes, your eyes naturally move to the surrounding scenery. You may be surprised by the simple elegance of the shape, the paintwork, and the texture of the bowl you are holding in your hand. The power of matcha is not a logical concept, but rather a form of art therapy. The accompanying Japanese sweets not only add to the experience, but also serve as an indicator of the season, expertly expressed by the artisan. For 300 years, matcha and wagashi have supported the culture of the tea ceremony through friendly competition. As authentic wagashi is hard to come by in Okinawa, we source ours from long-established shops in Kyoto that still adhere to traditional methods and do not use any additives.
At Otogoze, we happily welcome all tea enthusiasts, regardless of their school of tea. Our offerings extend beyond traditional teas to include Kampo herbal teas. We firmly believe that medicinal herbs can complement a busy modern lifestyle. According to traditional Eastern medicine, qi, blood, and tsu (clear fluid) work together to maintain good health work in concert to cool down and moisten the body. Our herbal teas are expertly crafted to support this balance. Yakuzen is a diet that enhances the function of qi, blood, and fluid by combining seasonal foods. However, in modern times, it can be challenging to supplement all nutritional needs through food alone. To address this, we offer a range of herbal medicines with various medicinal properties in the form of easy-to-use teas that can be effortlessly incorporated into daily life.
I think it is also important to pay attention to ingredients, producers and production processes. We only use naturally farmed ingredients for our matcha, pesticide-free vegetables and medicinal herbs, and herbal medicines that have passed through the right testing institutions and are trustworthy.
If you need a moment of relaxation, please visit us, and unwind.

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Omaccha Otogoze

Plaza House 2F
TEL: 098-923-5944
Closed days: Wednesday, Thursdays (Open during holidays)
We serve non-pesticide Matcha green tea, seasonal Japanese sweets and Kampo herbal teas.

Omaccha Otogoze 5