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Megumi Florence

To nurture and be nurtured,
How we grow together in the age of well-being.


Megumi Florence

To nurture someone. From the cradle to the cubicle, a phrase used widely. For me, however, to nurture someone is to see them for who they are. To recognize a person for their uniqueness and to communicate with them on their own terms. From the tone of your voice to your eyes and facial expression, truly communicating with someone is an act of respect and recognition. Done with love and care, it is what allows a person to flourish and succeed, thus “nurturing” them.
I am also careful not to be bound to what some call “common sense”. Common sense, as one person might define it, is not so common in this wide world. In a truly global and diverse workplace, limiting yourself to one rigid set of values is a surefire way to miss out on great new discoveries and unwittingly nip the seeds of innovation in the bud.
There have been times in the past where I was far too focused on “who” was responsible for “what”, rather than how my words and opinions were being received. Counterproductively, it has created situations where, barbed with negative perceptions and subtext, I couldn’t have an honest discussion. Which is why I take great care nowadays to give every idea a fair shot and view with empathy “what is right”, given the context. In doing so, together we create a space where diverse peoples can shine their brightest and flourish. The sort of space where people feel confident to propose novel ideas and try new approaches, to challenge themselves and gain experience in the outcome.
It may seem trivial, but having a place that simultaneously comforts and encourages people, this is how people are nurtured continually. It’s certainly not without its fair share of challenges, of course. With diverse personalities come an equally diverse set of personal opinions and motivations, alongside a complex web of interpersonal relationships.
No matter how strongly you might feel about taking charge and working it out yourself, sometimes taking a step back and assuming the support role is crucial for someone else’s growth. To make that decision and allow people to struggle and achieve their own success, is how we all become stronger together. At least that’s how I choose to face the day.
To nurture someone. Commonly used perhaps but a deeply personal source of joy for me. It is the interplay between helping others grow and growing yourself in the act. Now, I have entered the phase where I must contemplate deeply as to how I can do my part in nurturing my team, our partners, and even society as a whole. In widening our circle of growth, increasing personal and societal happiness, that I believe, is how to nurture someone in the age of well-being.

Megumi Florence

Founder and CEO of Singapore-based wellness and beauty brand WHITETREE HEALTH AND BEAUTY which encompasses a cafe, hair salon, and high-quality organic herb teas available in 6 countries. Appointed as one of the Bridge Women Entrepreneurs of Asia, by the Cabinet Office of Japan. Currently provides support for Japanese businesses aiming to expand abroad. https://www.instagram.com/megumi_whitetree/