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Venerating nature through Ayurvedic teachings


Pramod Bakshi

For Indians, curry is a source of health. Chefs use spices according to their benefits. Spices are carefully selected by chefs based on their specific benefits, such as warming the body, aiding digestion, or promoting heart health. Herbs have been popular in Japan for many years now, and people are becoming more health-conscious, but for us Indians it has long been natural to take the energy of plants into our bodies. Indians are very conscious of the fact that food makes the body.
I drink a refreshing mixture of fresh lemon juice, water, and soda seasoned with salt and pepper every day. It makes me feel better. You should try it too. Japanese people put sugar, jam, honey and other sweet things in yogurt. In India, we put salt and pepper in yogurt. Anyway, pepper is good for you, so I like to sprinkle it on everything.
Having been taught Ayurveda by my grandmother as a child, I may have been more health-conscious than most. Ayurveda, a traditional medicine originating from India and Sri Lanka with a history of five thousand years, is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayus (life) and Veda (science), meaning ‘the science of life’. According to Ayurveda, all life is born from five elements in nature: earth (soil), water (human body), fire (heat), wind (oxygen), and sky (rain). Respecting Mother Nature is linked to maintaining a healthy body. You can live a virtuous life by following a healthy diet and daily routine, practicing yoga and breathing exercises. Incorporating Ayurveda into your lifestyle is highly beneficial to promote peace of mind, soul, and body.
I’d also like to mention that the joy that one derives from connecting with other people greatly enriches the soul. In Okinawa, the concept of yuimaaru embodies this as well, doesn’t it? Money is not the most important part of life.
As I was born and raised in Delhi, India, Krishna’s menu is mainly North Indian food, but I would like to add more Ayurvedic meals and I am also interested in South Indian street food. I would like to develop a healthier menu with rice with beans, spiced yoghurt, vegetables and ginger.

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Plaza House 3F
Closed days: Tuesdays (Holidays are lunchtime only)
We have been serving a variety of Indian cuisine for 21 years.

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