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Katsunosuke Honda

Embrace Okinawa at
Plaza House


Katsunosuke Honda

Okinawa boasts over 200 summer or midsummer days a year, without any extremely hot days, making it the closest and most comfortable subtropical zone to mainland Japan. The absence of any true winter days ensures a pleasant climate all year round. It’s perfect for relaxing your muscles, and letting your mind wander. 

The diverse scenery demonstrates Japan is not a monocultural country; a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be yourself.
This is an ideal retreat to get away from the stresses of everyday life. In Eastern medicine, health is considered to be a state of moderation, without excesses, deficiencies and stagnation. Seen that way, Okinawa is definitely a place of healing. 

Okinawa is an exceptional destination that provides a wide range of experiences; from its climate, flora and fauna, to its culture and cuisine. In just three hours from Tokyo, you can immerse yourself in a foreign land. The castles in Shuri and other parts of the island are remnants of the Ryukyu dynasty, while the World Natural Heritage Site Yanbaru Forest is home to about 60% of Japan’s amphibian and reptile species, as well as endemic and rare species. Moreover, the surrounding sea offers breathtaking views and excellent opportunities for marine sports. 

Yachimun, Eisa and Kachaashii; their very verbiage overflow with the richly unique culture of Ryukyu. The destination offers a wide range of attractions to suit all tastes, making it the perfect choice.

It is not all excitement. You can also simply relax and detoxify your mind. In our everyday lives, we are bombarded with an oversupply of goods and information, and although there are no inconveniences, the mind and spirit are often put in a situation where they can easily become exhausted. 

When you are basking in the sun and feel the sea breeze on your face, you forget about trivial things and focus on yourself. I would go so far as to say that human beings get their strength from sunlight, not unlike plants. Spending your days in the sun at your own pace and storing up the strength of your mind can be its own form of stockpiling. Stockpiling is no longer limited to supplies such as water, food and emergency power. 

Japan is hit by a major disaster every few years. A pandemic recently swept across the world. Unfortunately, events continue to remind us that the future is uncertain and that everyone is equally susceptible to disaster. At the same time, I feel encouraged by the resilience of the people in the affected areas. I am also proud to see that the number of companies and individuals using their strength to help others in need is on the rise. As a resident of Fukushima, I have come to view our ability to endure hardships and recover from catastrophes, to be squarely ensconced in the power of the human spirit passed from one person to another. 

Through acts of courage and kindness, we build up our collective resilience. Being healthy in mind and body affects not only ourselves but also those around us. Each of us can make small changes and face challenges that will undoubtedly become a great strength. 

No matter how many times you visit, Plaza House is always a place where you are drawn to all aspects of food, clothing and lifestyle with an uplifting sense of freshness. A place where you are filled with more love and wonder than ever before. I am hopeful that from this place, a marvelous future will blossom and fill the hearts of visitors with kindness.

Katsunosuke Honda

As a pioneering town producer, he provides visionary and technical consultation covering a wide range of areas from agriculture, education, traditional crafts, tourism, immigration, exports, tourism and smart cities. He is also a rice wholesaler, producing his own premium-brand rice. https://www.instagram.com/katsunosukehonda/