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Beniko Kishi

Self-care Starts with You


Beniko Kishi

A person’s beauty, in its most fundamental state, is holistic. That is to say, we are most beautiful when our appearance, health, mental health and environment are all in harmony with one another.

Our bodies react to emotional stimuli in all sorts of ways, which is reflected in our appearance. For example, under prolonged stress, the adrenal glands will produce the hormone cortisol, resulting in fatigue, insomnia, and a weakened immune system. The opposite is true as well; outward beauty can be a sign of a healthy mind and body.

After many years of sharing my knowledge of holistic beauty and care, I developed “Skin Care Meditation” as the ultimate self-care method that works on the mind and body. My goal with Skin Care Meditation is to connect the mind and body by touching the skin, and to return to oneself through calm breathing and deep relaxation.

In our overly capitalistic society, many people are busy with their daily lives, suffer from excessive stress, and tend to put off taking care of themselves. However, I thought that if we could do personal healing while taking care of our skin, it would be a skill that would help us survive in the modern world. Skin Care Meditation is designed to make caring for your skin the ultimate self-healing experience from the perspectives of neuroscience, dermatology, psychology, microbiology, and the physiology of the senses.  

Skin care will become a dynamic meditation, your brain and skin will be delighted, you will get deep sleep, and your mind and skin will feel bouncy, hydrated, and supple the next day. We have an audio on YouTube that navigates this method so that anyone can practice it at home if you like.

Skin care creates a wonderful euphoric feeling when it reaches deep into the heart. It is a type of healing that only you, not anyone else, can give to your body. 

In the past few years, people have been feeling more and more anxious due to the increasing instability in their daily lives, such as COVID, wars, earthquakes, climate change, and so on. However, I hope that people will not give up healing themselves in any situation. Gentle touch is a form of healing. By loving yourself, you can separate yourself from negative energies. Only you can live your life. You have a finite amount of time to savor this life with all of your senses. Love yourself without fear.

Beniko Kishi

Wellness producer and founder of the Japan Holistic Beauty Association (HBA). Having experience in treating various illnesses in herself and her family, she promotes healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles based on a holistic approach to beauty and selfcare. Appointed as Advisor by the Ministry of the Environment. https://www.instagram.com/kishibeniko/