“COLONY” is the first golf boutique select shop in the prefecture.

Okinawa has an environment where golf can be enjoyed in a mild climate all year round, creating excellent professional golfers such as Ai Miyazato, and with the number of young golfers increasing. Originally, golf in Okinawa began with the Awase Meadows Golf Club, which was established in 1948 as a U.S. military recreation facility, and since people who worked at the base were also able to play, golf became a familiar sport.

The store is full of stylish and colorful golfwear, making it fun to choose. Mr. Higa, the manager, says: “Everyone used to enjoy golf in a formal style before, but in the last few years, there is golfwear that can be enjoyed as an extension of regular fashion.” The store is now focusing on the top world brand of sunglasses, regarded as the soul of a patent – “OAKLEY.” Its appeal is the 100% UV cut, lens that won’t break even if hit by a shotgun from a short distance, and an engineering correction of distortion in the field of view so as not to tire the eyes. It’s also nice that you can customize the sunglasses to your liking by choosing a preferred frame color, lens color, and color of the parts.

One of the charms of the store is that you are welcomed by stylish and beautiful staff.


Open year round
PlazahouseSC 1F