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The Toshin Eisei Preparatory School is a preparatory school known for its high pass rate for the elite University of Tokyo and Kyoto University.

Going to the University of Tokyo will not remain just a dream if you learn at Toshin from the first year of high school. We put great efforts into lectures by various instructions with a unique personality, various curricula, and mental follow-up for the students. We help students to have a clear image of the future they want. Leading coaching and mental training experts are invited to give regular lectures. We continuously stimulate the students to endure in their motivation to get into elite universities with a high awareness. In addition, we have set up the “Easy Computer Classroom,” where students from elementary school all the way up to seniors can learn in a fun and easy way, and we support the acquisition of certificates useful in modern society. For university students and working adults, we have the “Qualification LEC,” which provides support in acquiring national qualifications.

We have prepared programs to develop human resources from elementary school students to university students and working adults.


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00-19:00
Open year round
Plazahouse Fair Mall 3F
098-989-5909(To Kanda)